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Occupation: Rapper, songwriter
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Gucci Mane Net Worth

Gucci Mane's net worth:

12,000,000 USD

Earnings: How does Gucci Mane make his money and how much he makes?

Although Gucci Mane’s childhood was very tough, that didn’t stop him from earning a net worth of $12 million! His father left him and his mother for his second family, and he never cared about him as much as he cared about his other children. Gucci moved to Atlanta with his mother, and began attending elementary school, but he started selling weed with his brother.

Eventually, Gucci, whose real name is Radric Delantic Davis, became a serious drug dealer during his high school years. At the age of fifteen, he’s already been through violent situations, such as street fights and robberies, so Davis had to start carrying a gun. He was imprisoned for the possession of crack in 1998, and eventually expelled from college. After three monts in jail, Davis decided it was time to start pursuing his music career.

After he released his first independent album La Flare in a thousand CD copies, Davis started his own music label, LaFlare Entertainment. He released his second album Trap house featuring Young Jeezy in 2005, with his third album Hard to Kill following in 2006.

His first commercial album Back to the Trap House  featured the remix of the song “Freaky Gurl”, which featured Ludacris and Lil’ Kim, back in 2007. Davis officially signed with Warner Bros. Records in 2009. He collaborated with The Black Eyed Peas on the remix of their song “Boom Boom Pow” and he even worked with Mariah Carey on her song “Obsessed”!

Gucci was attacked by four men when he was visiting a stripper in 2005, and shot one of the attackers, Pookie Loc. Pookie's buried corpse was discovered by the police shortly after the event, and Gucci turned himself in after they have issued arrest warrant. The rapper was charged with murder, but the charges were eventually dropped, because there was no enough evidence against him. According to Gucci, he was assaulted because of the feud over some money with his former friend and a rapper, Young Jeezy.

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Age: How old is Gucci Mane? Where was he born?

The rapper was born in Bessemer, Alabama, United States, on Feb 12, 1980.
Age: Gucci Mane is 38 years old now. Nationality: American Ethnicity: African-American Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius

Gucci Mane's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Gucci Mane is and how much he weighs.
  • Height in cm and feet: 189 cm / 6 ft 2.5 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 96 kg / 212 lbs

What is his real/full name?

Gucci Mane's real/full name is Radric Davis.