Cardi B's Net Worth (2020) And Facts

Occupation: Rapper, Former Stripper

Find out how much money this famous rapper makes and how much money she has!
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Cardi B's net worth:

24,500,000 USD

Earnings: How does Cardi B make her money and how much she makes?

Before she became a hip hop superstar, Cardi B used to be a part of a notorious gang "Bloods"!

She grew up in South Bronx, and her first job was at the Amish supermarket. When she got fired, her manager advised her to start a career as a stripper.

Cardi B followed his advice - and it turned out great for her! She claims that stripping helped her escape from a violent relationship and enroll in college again, since she wasn't poor anymore.

Eventually, Cardi B dropped out of college, but started gaining many fans because of her explicit videos on social media and her Instagram page.

She debuted in Shaggy' remix of his song "Boom Boom" in November 2015, and one year later, she published her first mixtape "Gangsta Bitch Music".

Cardi B gladly speaks about feminism in a positive way, and she admits: "Ever since I started using guys, I feel so much better about myself. I feel so damn powerful."

She even collaborated with Lil' Kim, The Lady of Rage, Monie Love and Queen Latifah, when they performed Latifah's 1993 hit "U.N.I.T.Y." , which is all about female empowerment.

Cardi B was a guest of Khloé Kardashian's "Kocktails with Khloé", and she admitted how her mother found out that she was stripping.

She's engaged to the rapper Offset since 2017, and she claims that she's inspired by how hard he works.

Cardi B is considered as one of the best American female hip-hop artists, and she is often compared to Lil' Kim and Foxy B, because of her aggressive and 'raw' rapping style.
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Cardi B's net worth over the years

Year Net worth
2020 $24.5 million
2019 $22 million
2018 $19.5 million
2017 $17 million
2016 $11 million

Age: How old is Cardi B? Where was she born?

The rapper was born in New York (USA), on October 11, 1992.

Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Cardi B's mother is Afro-Trinbagonian and her father is from Dominican Republic
Sign of the Zodiac: Libra

Cardi B's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Cardi B is and how much she weighs.
  • Height in cm and feet: 165 cm / 5 ft 5 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 60 kg / 132 lbs

What is her real name?

Cardi B's real name is Belcalis Almanzar.

Is Cardi B married? Does she have a boyfriend?

Cardi B is engaged to Offset since 2017, when he gave her a $500,000 engagement ring.

It is also interesting to know that Paris Hilton received very similar engagement ring a few months later from American actor and model, Chris Zylka.

Take a look at Cardi B's engagement ring on the photo below: Cardi B engagement ring from Offset

Family: Does Cardi B have any brothers, sisters or kids?

Cardi B's sister Hennessy Carolina Cardi B has no kids.

She has six half siblings and one sister. Her sister's name is Hennessy Carolina. Hennessy is also very popular on social media. She has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

Cardi B tattooed her sister's name on her left arm.

Friends and associates

Find out who are Cardi B's friends and associates:
  • Offset (fiancé / boyfriend)
  • J Balvin
  • Hennessy Carolina (sister)
  • Lil' Kim
  • The Lady of Rage
  • Monie Love
  • 21 Savage
  • Machel Montano
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Bobby Shmurda

Cardi B's house photos

Cardi B lives in New York, but photos of her house are not available to the public.

Which cars Cardi B owns?

Cardi B bought her an $250,000 orange Bentley that you can see on the photo below. Cardi B with her cars

Tour dates and upcoming concerts

To find latest details about dates and locations of Cardi B's upcoming tours and concerts please subscribe to her newsletter at her official website.

Cardi B's Merch

Cardi B Official Merch You can get official Cardi B's merch at

Best songs list

Here is the list of Cardi B's most popular songs:
  1. I Like It
  2. Money
  3. Ring
  4. Be Careful
  5. Bartier Cardi
  6. Bodak Yellow
  7. MotorSport
  8. Drip
  9. Washpoppin
  10. Lick (feat. Offset)
  11. Foreva
  12. Pull Up
  13. Um Yea
  14. On Fleek
  15. Cheap Ass Weave

Cardi B before and after the fame - Ugly vs Sexy

Cardi B wasn't always so sexy. Some people even say that she was ugly and that she had ugly teeth.

But we don't understand how can they expect someone to look the same while working at Amish supermarket and while having millions of dollars?

Everyone looks better while having lots of money than while being poor.

Let's take a look at some "before fame" photos and at a video made of her new photos:

Cardi B without makeup and before fixing teeth Cardi B without makeup and before fixing teeth
Cardi B now:


Cardi B Wallpaper Preview We created some HD Cardi B wallpapers in a few different resolutions, for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Go to Cardi B wallpapers download page ➜


Cardi B has at least 8 tattoos. On her left arm she tattooed her sister's name (Hennesy) and her most famous tattoo is the peacock tattoo on her right leg. Cardi B tattoos

Cardi B nails

Cardi B is very passionate about having perfect nails. She visits nail salons very often. You can see the results on photos below: Cardi B Nails

Cardi B's quotes

We handpicked Cardi B's best quotes for you:

The thing about some celebs they don’t like to say shit cause they fear they will lose fans or fame, I ain’t scare of shit .I will always speak on how i feel I’ll be damn if fame and other people have me being a slave of my own thoughts.
Knock me down 9 times but i get up 10
Trump is soo disgusting !I hate him Soo much .Im starting to hate him with a fucking passion
People are just too miserable for me. I’m sorry I’m to blessed to be dealing with ya shit today.The negativity is not going to tarnish my feelings from these blessings and opportunities I’m getting .Have a good day
I don't care about anyone not liking me, you b*tches barely like yourselves.
If I were elected President of the United States, I would allow food stamps to get McDonalds.
Why must my legs , under arm and vagina hair grow so fast and the hair on my head don’t
I’m ready to be with this man. Forever. That’s why I’m getting married because I want it to be forever.
No I don’t excepty your apology unless you buy me a bag.
Ever since I started using guys, I feel so powerful.
I have a passion for music, I love music. But I also have a passion for money and paying my bills.
I only f*ck w people who are secure enough to be happy for me & hype me up.
I ain't no princess. Imma gangsta.

Education: Did Cardi B go to college?

Cardi B used money that she earned as a stripper to afford college. She enrolled in Borough of Manhattan Community College but she dropped out soon after that to focus on rap career.

Cardi B on social media

  • Facebook: 6,447,000 fans
  • Instagram: 37,600,000+ followers
  • YouTube: 7,800,000+ subscribers
  • Google+: / followers
  • Twitter: 4,340,000+ followers
  • Snapchat: Cardi B doesn't have Snapchat.
You can find more information about Cardi B on her Wikipedia page and on her official website.

Trivia: Other facts about Cardi B

  • Jobs before the fame: Stripper, cashier in a small store
  • Famous for: Rapping, stripping, social media star
  • Years active: Since 2015
  • Nicknames: Bacardi, CARDIVENOM
  • YouTube views: Over 2.4 billion!
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Hair color: Black
  • Sexual orientation: Bisexual
  • Plastic surgeries: Cardi B had a few plastic surgeries so far.
  • Phone number: Lots of people search for Cardi B's phone number on Google each month, but she never posted it on the Internet. If you find her phone number somewhere on the web, that will probably be a fake number.
  • Cardi B's song Bodak Yellow climbed up to #1 spot on famous Billboard Hot 100 list!


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