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Occupation: Actress
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Rose Leslie Net Worth

Rose Leslie's net worth:

4,300,000 USD

Earnings: How does Rose Leslie make her money and how much she makes?

She primarily earns money through her engagements as an actress.

Leslie worked for BBC Radio narrating The British Slave Trade: Abolition, Parliament and People.

Her leading on screen debut came at age 21 in the television film New Town (2009), for which she won the Scottish BAFTA for Best Acting Performance – New Talent Award.

In September and October 2010, she became the lead in Nell Leyshon's infamous play Bedlam held at Globe Theatre.

In 2011, while on Downton Abbey, Leslie briefly appeared in two episodes of the British drama series Case Histories.

In 2012, she was cast in seasons two, three and four of the popular HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones as the wildling Ygritte.

She and David Tennant recorded an audiobook version of Carmilla in 2015.

In 2016, Leslie was cast in The Good Fight, a CBS All Access legal drama and spin off of The Good Wife.

In 2017 Leslie provided the voice for the female protagonist "En" in the video game Echo, a game by Copenhagen-based game developer Ultra Ultra.

In January 2020, Leslie joined the cast of BBC's and World Productions's drama series Vigil, which premiered in 2021.

Rose Leslie's net worth is currently estimated at $4.3 million.

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Rose Leslie's net worth over the years

YearNet worth
2022$4.3 million
2021$4 million
2020$3.5 million

Age: How old is Rose Leslie? Where was she born?

Hometown: The famous actress was born in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, on Feb 09, 1987.
Age: Rose Leslie is 35 years old now. Nationality: Scottish Ethnicity: White Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius

Rose Leslie's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Rose Leslie is and how much she weighs.
  • Height in cm and feet: 168 cm / 5 ft 5 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 55 kg / 121 lbs

What is her real/full name?

Rose Leslie's real/full name is Rose Eleanor Arbuthnot-Leslie.

Is Rose Leslie married? Does she have a boyfriend or husband?

Rose Leslie is married to Kit Harington since 2018. The couple has a kid.

Rose Leslie

Family: Does Rose Leslie have any brothers, sisters or kids?

Children: Rose Leslie has a son.

Friends and associates

Find out who are Rose Leslie's friends and associates:

  • Vin Diesel
  • Elijah Wood
  • Lotte Verbeek
  • Joe Gilgun
  • Aimee Carrero
  • Suranne Jones
  • Shaun Evans
  • Martin Compston
  • Adam James
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Armie Hammer

Rose Leslie's house photos

Rose Leslie currently lives in Wardhill Castle in Old Rayne.

Rose Leslie's quotes

We handpicked Rose Leslie's best inspirational quotes for you:
"It's never fun to be scared [about stage fright] but I think that it is important and it's healthy to always push yourself."

"Working on camera is a different ballgame in the sense that it's far more intimate work, but the basics and the foundations of being able to create something that isn't necessarily your own instincts - is a character that you have inside your head - whether you're talking about television or film or theater, that still has to be the grounding work."

"I had the most fantastic time filming 'Downton.'"

"With big productions, you can sometimes get lost with the terminology and all the different departments."

"I don't really think it matters if you go into stage or TV as long as you do a bit of character work, really."

"Unfortunately I don't have my grandparents, but Mum and I are working quite well together. That's candid, that's frank. Your grandmother is never going to lie to you."

"I have an older brother and an older sister - and they had the time of their lives at university. They were at Newcastle and Edinburgh. Looking up to them the whole time, I wanted to go to university and live the life they were living, having a blast, and I didn't get in. I didn't get into any of the universities I wanted to go to.""

"I now LOVE archery, I find it a very therapeutic sport. I would be taken away for a couple of hours before we started filming to get back into the rhythm so that it was a fluid movement of picking up the bow and then the arrows and just being able to make it look as authentic as possible."


Education: Did Rose Leslie go to college?

High school
  • Millfield School