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Occupation: Actress and model
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Lily Collins Net Worth

Lily Collins's net worth:

25,000,000 USD

Earnings: How does Lily Collins make her money and how much she makes?

She started her career in 1992.

From the age of two she was appearing in British series such as "Growing Pains." In 2007, she was selected by Chanel to wear one of their gowns at the Bal des debutantes in Paris. 

In 2009, she appeared twice in the series "90210" and booked a role in the film "The Blind Side." 

In 2012, Collins landed an important role as Snow White in the film "Mirror Mirror." Critics singled her out for praise, and later that year she appeared in the film "Stuck in Love" alongside Jennifer Connelly.

In 2014, Lily Collins took another step forward with a role in the film "Love, Rosie."

In 2018, Lily Collins began filming the miniseries adaptation of "Les Miserables." 

Her social media accounts have about 26.8 million followers, so she helps many brands by promoting their products and services.

Lily Collins' net worth is currently estimated at $25 million.

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Lily Collins's net worth over the years

YearNet worth
2022$25 million
2021$24 million
2020$22.5 million

Age: How old is Lily Collins? Where was she born?

Hometown: The famous actress was born in Guildford, United Kingdom, on Mar 18, 1989.
Age: Lily Collins is 33 years old now. Nationality: British-American Ethnicity: White Sign of the Zodiac: Pisces

Lily Collins's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Lily Collins is and how much she weighs.
  • Height in cm and feet: 165 cm / 5 ft 4 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 55 kg / 121 lbs

What is her real/full name?

Lily Collins's real/full name is Lily Jane Collins.

Is Lily Collins married? Does she have a boyfriend or husband?

Lily Collins is married to Charlie McDowell since 2021.

Lily Collins

Family: Does Lily Collins have any brothers, sisters or kids?

Parents: Lily Collins’ parents are Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman.

Siblings: Lily Collins has a sister, Joely Collins and 2 brothers, Simon Collins, Nicholas Collins.

Friends and associates

Find out who are Lily Collins' friends and associates:

  • Samuel Arnold
  • Ashley Park
  • sarah choi (charasoy)
  • 𝐌𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐫 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
  • Aurélie PAYEN
  • (sarahnakhlecerruti)
  • Grant Sloss
  • Jason Segel
  • Omar Leyva

Lily Collins's house photos

Lily Collins currently lives in United Kingdom.


Lily Collins has a few tiny tattoos.

Andrea Perez

Andrea Perez

Lily Collins's quotes

We handpicked Lily Collins' best inspirational quotes for you:
“To look into that persons eyes and find yourself so completely lost in another world, a world full of absolute comfort and happiness.”
“I'm such a believer in going to set, even when you're not work because I think the best things to be learned, you don't necessarily get from your own scene or from someone speaking to you and telling you advice. I think it's all about watching and just taking it all in. It's not even when the cameras are rolling, necessarily. You can see how they interact with the rest of the crew, and how they deal with being a character and then being themselves.”

“Decisions are the endless uncertainties of life that we'll not know if they're right until the very end, so do the best you can and hope its right.”

“I used to be a big planner and had to have things figured out ahead of time, but I'm learning to love living in the moment. Last night, I called my friend up randomly and said, 'Where are you? I want to come see you!' It's not a new version of me. I'm just embracing it more.”

“I grew up understanding the pros and cons of what you're getting into and knowing what comes with your job. I like to keep my private life private, and then work is work. I feel so far I've had a really good balance with that.”

“My older siblings and I all work in 'the industry'. So obviously we have hectic schedules, but we make it work.”


Education: Did Lily Collins go to college?

High school:

  • Harvard-Westlake School


  • University of Southern California