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Occupation: Actress and model
Find out how much money Kirsten Dunst makes and how much money she has!
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Kirsten Dunst Net Worth

Kirsten Dunst's net worth:

25,000,000 USD

Earnings: How does Kirsten Dunst make her money and how much she makes?

She primarily earns money through her engagements as an actress.

She has acted in films: "The Power of the Dog", "Marie Antoinette", "Interview with the Vampire", "Bring It On", "The Beguiled", "Elizabethtown", "All Good Things", "Little Women", "Virgin Suicides", "The Two Faces of January", "The Cat's Meow", "Bachelorette"...which brought her a lot of money.

Her social media accounts have about 2.1 million followers, so she helps many brands by promoting their products and services.

Kirsten Dunst's net worth is currently estimated at $25 million.

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Kirsten Dunst's net worth over the years

YearNet worth
2022$25 million
2021$23.7 million
2020$22.5 million

Age: How old is Kirsten Dunst? Where was she born?

Hometown: The famous actress was born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States, on Apr 30, 1982.
Age: Kirsten Dunst is 39 years old now. Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Sign of the Zodiac: Taurus

Kirsten Dunst's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Kirsten Dunst is and how much she weighs.
  • Height in cm and feet: 166 cm / 5 ft 4 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 54 kg / 119 lbs

What is her real/full name?

Kirsten Dunst's real/full name is Kirsten Caroline Dunst .

Is Kirsten Dunst married? Does she have a boyfriend or husband?

Kirsten Dunst

Family: Does Kirsten Dunst have any brothers, sisters or kids?

Children: Kirsten Dunst has 2 sons, James Robert Plemons and Ennis Howard Plemons.


Kirsten Dunst’s father is Klaus Dunst.
Kirsten Dunst’s mother is Inez Rupprecht.

Siblings: Kirsten Dunst has a brother named Christian Dunst.

Friends and associates

Find out who are Kirsten Dunst’s friends and associates:

  • Tobey Maguire
  • Willem Dafoe
  • James Franco
  • J.K. Simmons
  • Rosemary Harris
  • Jason Schwartzman
  • Rose Byrne
  • Jamie Dornan
  • Florrie Betts

Kirsten Dunst's quotes

We handpicked Kirsten Dunst's best inspirational quotes for you:
“I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued. We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking - it's a valuable thing my mum created. And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armour. I'm sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That's why relationships work”
“I used to feel like I had to be the best at what I did, but I realized I don't have to be the best. It's so freeing. I've never been this happy.”
“I'm a good assistant. That's why I don't have an assistant, because I'm so on it that no one can be as on it as me. I know that.”
“I'd like to be taller. I'd like my baby fat to leave.”
“I don't really relate to myself as The Girl in the Magazine. Which is dangerous for me, too, sometimes, because I don't think all the time, 'Well, look to see if people are following me home.' Sometimes I'm a little bit more free than maybe I should be.”
“I've always been someone who is pretty hard on herself. But I've lightened up a lot.”
“I love my snaggle fangs. They give me character and character is sexy. People comment, but the only person who ever told me to fix them was my mom ... I just went my own way, like daughters do.”
“I really think the key to a film is the chemistry of people.”

Education: Did Kirsten Dunst go to college?

High school:
  • Ranney School
  • Notre Dame High School (Sherman Oaks, California)

Kirsten Dunst on social media

  • Facebook: 88,000+ fans
  • Instagram: 2,100,000+ followers
  • Twitter: 526,000+ followers
  • Snapchat: Lil Pump's Snapchat username is @Lilpumpjetski
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