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Occupation: Singer, producer and songwriter
Find out how much money Kenny Chesney makes and how much money he has!
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Kenny Chesney Net Worth

Kenny Chesney's net worth:

260,000,000 USD

Earnings: How does Kenny Chesney make his money and how much he makes?

Kenny Chesney started his musical career over 25 years ago, in 1993.

He is one of the most popular American country music singers and so far he released 20 studio albums, 3 compilation albums and went on 17 tours!

He collaborated with many famous artists like Tracy Lawrence, Jimym Buffett, Rascal Flatts and he also collaborated with some bands like Grace Potter.

Kenny's songs have over 1 billion views on YouTube and he sold more than 30 million copies of his albums, so it is no surprise that his net worth is estimated at $260 million!

According to Forbes, Chesney's annual income is around $40 million!


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Kenny Chesney's net worth over the years

YearNet worth
2019$260 million
2018$230 million

Age: How old is Kenny Chesney? Where was he born?

Hometown: The famous country singer was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States, on Mar 26, 1968.
Age: Kenny Chesney is 50 years old now. Nationality: American (English and Irish descent) Ethnicity: White Sign of the Zodiac: Aries

Kenny Chesney's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Kenny Chesney is and how much he weighs.
  • Height in cm and feet: 170 cm / 5 ft 7 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 70 kg / 154 lbs

What is his real/full name?

Kenny Chesney's real/full name is Kenneth Arnold Chesney.

Is Kenny Chesney married? Does he have a girlfriend or wife?

Kenny Chesney and his ex-wife Renée Zellweger

Wife: Kenny Chesney was married to actress Renée Zellweger who is one year younger than him.

The couple married on May 9, 2005, but the marriage lasted for seven months only as it was annulled on December 20, 2005.

Family: Does Kenny Chesney have any brothers, sisters or kids?

Parents: Kenny Chesney's parents are David Chesney and Karen Chandler.

Siblings: Kenny has a sister whose name is Jennifer Chandler.

Kids: Kenny Chesney has no children.

Friends and associates

Kenny Chesney has a lot of famous friends that he got during his long and successful career.

Here is a photo of him with Paul McCartney and a few more friends.

Kenny Chesney and Paul McCartney, friends

Kenny Chesney's house photos

Kenny Chesney own a few houses. His home in Nashville was destroyed in 2010 by floods.

Photos of his house are not available to the public.

Which cars Kenny Chesney owns?

Cars collection: Kenny Chesney can definitely afford to have any car he wants, but he doesn't post photos of his cars on his social media accounts, so we don't know which cars exactly does he own.

Tour dates and upcoming events

Kenny Chesney announced a new tour for 2019. On the following link you can buy Kenny Chesney tickets without fees and check his latest tour dates and locations.

Kenny Chesney's Merch

You can buy Kenny Chesney's official merch at www.kennychesney.com/store

Best songs list

Here is the list of Kenny Chesney's most popular songs:

  1. Get Along
  2. There Goes My Life
  3. All the Pretty Girls
  4. Don't Blink
  5. American Kids
  6. The Good Stuff
  7. Save It for a Rainy Day
  8. You Had Me from Hello
  9. Somewhere with You
  10. Come Over


Kenny Chesney has no tattoos, but some of his fans have tattoos inspired by the famous singer and some of them have even tattoed some of Kenny's most popular lyrics!

Kenny Chesney's quotes

We handpicked Kenny Chesney's best inspirational quotes for you:
Live a little, love a lot.
Football taught me how hard you had to work to achieve something.
I want there to be a level of respect between everybody.
There's something to be said for useless days. You know, those days when you have nothing to do and all day to do it ... Trust me, a beach and a bottomless drink may not cure the world's problems but it can really get your head in the right place. Those are my favorite kind of days.
Over the years I've had people tell me that they come to my show to escape.
I had a notepad and I wrote down 30 things to make myself better just off the top of my head, and the next day I started to do that.
I realized that I wanted to get better in every way. As a person, as a friend, as a songwriter, as a musician, as an artist, record producer, you name it.
I love the fact that I can go out there on stage with a guitar and sing a song that means something to somebody.
What you see is kinda what you get with me. I'm a very real person, or I hope to be, anyway. I don't have nothing to hide.
There's this idea that somebody's job could be more important than somebody else's, and to me, that's not true.
It was satisfying to take a risk and see it pay off.
I'm like a shark. I've got to be constantly moving.
I'm so hands-on, from the color of my tour bus to what I eat for dinner at 5 or the way the lights are hung.
I'm pretty firm in my sexuality and my love for women.
My inspiration comes from life in general. I keep my ears open. I overhear conversations in restaurants and on the street. I watch a lot of movies and TV, and I love to read. There are so many things that can be taken and made into songs -- everything that has an emotion to it.

Education: Did Kenny Chesney go to college?

High School

  • Gibbs High School (Corryton, Tennessee) - 1986


  • East Tennessee State University (Johnson City) - 1990

Trivia: Did you know these facts about Kenny Chesney?

Kenny Chesney Facts

  • Jobs before the fame: /
  • Famous for: Kenny Chesney is famous for his music.
  • Years active: Since 1993
  • Nicknames: Kenneth Arnold Chesney's nickname is Kenny Chesney. He is also known as Hillbilly Rockstar, Bubba and Uncle Kenny.
  • Religious views / Religion: /
  • Hobbies: /
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color: /
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Plastic surgeries: Kenny Chesney hasn't undergone any plastic surgeries.
  • Phone number: Lots of people search for Kenny Chesney's phone number on Google each month, but he never posted it on the Internet. If you find his phone number somewhere on the web, that will probably be a fake number.
  • E-mail address: Kenny Chesney's email address is not available to the public.
  • Favorite color: /
  • Favorite number: /
  • Favorite food: /
  • Favorite celebrities: /
  • Favorite athlete: /
  • Favorite musician: /
  • Favorite bands: /
  • Favorite superhero: /
  • Favorite movie: /
  • YouTube views: Kenny Chesney's YouTube videos have over 1 billion views!
  • Pets: /