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Occupation: Actress
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Katharine Hepburn Net Worth

Katharine Hepburn's net worth:

30,000,000 USD

Earnings: How does Katharine Hepburn make her money and how much she makes?

Katharine Hepburn was an American actress.

Hepburn's attorney assessed the value of her estate at $20 million not long after she passed away. Her 7.17 acre seaside Connecticut estate provided most of that value.

A section of this estate was eventually sold for $28 million. Katharine She acted in a variety of genres and was a leading lady in Hollywood for more than 60 years.

The American Film Institute ranked her the finest female star of Classic Hollywood cinema. Hepburn had a Broadway debut before appearing in motion pictures.

The Philadelphia Story, Woman of the Year, Adam's Rib, The African Queen, Pat and Mike, Summertime, Desk Set, Suddenly, Last Summer, Long Day's Journey into Night, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter, Love Among the Ruins, Rooster Cogburn, and On Golden Pond are just a few of the movies she starred in.

She also appeared in Morning Glory, Little Women, Alice Adams, Stage Door, Bringing Up Baby, Holiday,

The Hepburn received a record-breaking four Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscars. In 1960, she received a star at 6284 Hollywood Boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in addition to numerous other honors.

Katharine Hepburn's net worth was $30 million at time of her death.

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Katharine Hepburn's net worth over the years

YearNet worth

Age: How old is Katharine Hepburn? Where was she born?

Hometown: The famous actress was born in Hartford, Connecticut, United States, on May 12, 1907.
Age: Katharine Hepburn is 115 years old now. Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Sign of the Zodiac: Taurus

Katharine Hepburn's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Katharine Hepburn is and how much she weighs.
  • Height in cm and feet: 172 cm / 5 ft 6 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 55 kg / 121 lbs

What is her real/full name?

Katharine Hepburn's real/full name is Katharine Houghton Hepburn.

Is Katharine Hepburn married? Does she have a boyfriend or husband?

Katharine Hepburn was married to a businessman Ludlow Ogden Smith from 1928 to 1941.

Family: Does Katharine Hepburn have any brothers, sisters or kids?

Children: Katharine Hepburn never had any children.


Katharine Hepburn’s father is Thomas Hepburn.
Katharine Hepburn’s mother is Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn.

Siblings: Katharine Hepburn has 3 brothers, Richard Hepburn, Robert Hepburn, Tom Hepburn and 2 sisters, Marion Hepburn, Margaret Hepburn.

Friends and associates

Find out who are Katharine Hepburn’s friends and associates:

  • Edwin H. Knopf
  • Philip Barry
  • Leslie Howard
  • Arthur Hopkins
  • Charles Higham
  • David O. Selznick
  • John Barrymore
  • Dorothy Parker
  • Bette Davis
  • Ginger Rogers
  • Howard Hughes
  • George Stevens

Katharine Hepburn's house photos

Katharine Hepburn lived in Hartford.

Katharine Hepburn's quotes

We handpicked Katharine Hepburn's best quotes for you:
"We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the school, the teachers - but never blame yourself. It's never your fault. But it's always your fault, because if you wanted to change you're the one who has got to change."

"Loved people are loving people."

"If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behavior."

"Don't give in! Make your own trail. Don't moan. Don't complain. Think positively."

"Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then."

"I have no romantic feelings about age. Either you are interesting at any age or you are not. There is nothing particularly interesting about being old - or being young, for that matter."

"The thing about life is that you must survive. Life is going to be difficult, and dreadful things will happen. What you do is move along, get on with it, and be tough. Not in the sense of being mean to others, but being tough with yourself and making a deadly effort not to be defeated."

"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun."


Education: Did Katharine Hepburn go to college?

High school:
  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts
  • Kingswood Oxford School
  • Bryn Mawr College