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Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Television personality, Actress
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Elle King Net Worth

Elle King's net worth:

4,200,000 USD

Earnings: How does Elle King make her money and how much she makes?

Elle King is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actress. 

She has appeared in "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" (1999), "The Benchwarmers" (2006), and "Wild Cherry".

Along with performing alongside him in his 2020 Netflix special "Rob Schneider: Asian Momma, Mexican Kids,"

She also acted in the same year's romance comedy "Love, Weddings & Other Disasters" alongside Diane Keaton and Jeremy Irons.

The studio albums "Love Stuff" (2015) and "Shake the Spirit" (2018) were released by Elle.

Her 2014 single "Ex's & Oh's" received two Grammy nominations and peaked at number one on the "Billboard" Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. Additionally, she was a part of Dierks Bentley's Grammy-nominated song "Different for Girls," which was also certified Platinum in the US and Canada.

In addition, he has her own official merch and website, which provides her an additional source of income.

Elle King's net worth is currently estimated at $4.2 million.

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Elle King's net worth over the years

YearNet worth
2022$4.2 million
2021$4 million
2020$3.8 million

Age: How old is Elle King? Where was she born?

Hometown: The famous singer was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, on Jul 03, 1989.
Age: Elle King is 33 years old now. Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Sign of the Zodiac: Cancer

Elle King's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Elle King is and how much she weighs.
  • Height in cm and feet: 168 cm / 5 ft 5 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 81 kg / 178 lbs

What is her real/full name?

Elle King's real/full name is Tanner Elle Schneider.

Is Elle King married? Does she have a boyfriend or husband?

Elle King was married to Andrew Ferguson from 2016 to 2017.

Elle King

                                                                        Elle King with her ex husband


Elle King is engaged to Dan Tooker. The couple has a kid.

Elle King

                                                                      Elle King with her fiance

Family: Does Elle King have any brothers, sisters or kids?

Children: Elle King has a son named Lucky.

Elle King

                                                                     Elle King with her son



Elle King’s father is Rob Schneider.
Elle King’s mother is London King.

Siblings: Elle King has a brother named Noah King.

Friends and associates

Find out who are Elle King's friends and associates:

  • Travis Denning
  • Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Miranda Lambert
  • Questlove
  • Dave Scalia
  • Paul DeVincenzo
  • (lanabarkin)
  • Lola Kirke

Elle King's house photos

Elle King currently lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Elle King's Merch

You can buy Elle King's products in his online store.

Best songs list

  1. Drunk
  2. Ex's & Oh's
  3. Can't Be Loved
  4. Worth A Shot
  5. America's Sweetheart
  6. I Told You I Was Mean
  7. The Let Go
  8. Baby Outlaw
  9. Where the Devil Don't Go
  10. Little Bit Of Lovin'


Elle King has tattoos all over her body.

Elle King

Elle King's quotes

We handpicked Elle King's best quotes for you:
"I think I have the best of both worlds because I am a woman, but I'm also a tomboy."

"People want real. And there are a lot of women out there doing that."

"I worked really hard to develop me as an artist and as a musician. I have so many different influences and play so many different instruments, I don't think anyone knew what to do with me!"

"I grew up always hanging out with boys, and I always wanted to play rock 'n' roll with boys, and so I've always acted kind of like a man."

"Some people don't take me seriously, so I had to work harder."

"Touring is my favorite part of being a musician. All the places I've traveled and lived affect me in many different ways. Good and bad."

"The music I play and write is all reflective of myself and the experiences in my life. I feel like my whole journey is just collecting stories and songs along the way."


Education: Did Elle King go to college?

High school:
  • LREI- High School
  • The University of the Arts

Elle King on social media

You can find more information about Elle King on her Wikipedia page and on her official website.