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Occupation: Author, Speculator
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Doug Casey Net Worth

Doug Casey's net worth:

20,000,000 USD

Earnings: How does Doug Casey make his money and how much he makes?

Doug Casey is the founder and chairman of Casey Research, an American writer and speculator.

He describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist who is influenced by Ayn Rand's novels.

His primary income is from the sale of his books.

Doug Casey's net worth is currently estimated at $20 million.

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Doug Casey's net worth over the years

YearNet worth
2022$20 million
2021$17 million
2020$15 million

Age: How old is Doug Casey? Where was he born?

Hometown: The famous author was born in United States, on May 05, 1946.
Age: Doug Casey is 76 years old now. Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Sign of the Zodiac: Taurus

Doug Casey's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Doug Casey is and how much he weighs.
  • Height in cm and feet: 188 cm / 6 ft 1 in
  • Weight in kg and lbs: 72 kg / 158 lbs

What is his real/full name?

Doug Casey's real/full name is Douglas Robert Casey.

Family: Does Doug Casey have any brothers, sisters or kids?

Parents: Doug Casey’s father is Eugene B. Casey.

Doug Casey's house photos

Doug Casey lives mainly in Cafayate Argentina, Punta del Este Uruguay, and Aspen Colorado.

List of Doug's most famous books

  1. Speculator Doug Casey
  2. Crisis Investing: Opportunities and Profits in the Coming Great Depression
  3. The International Man: The Complete Guidebook to the World's Last Frontiers : for Freedom Seekers, Investors, Adventurers, Speculators, and Expatriates Doug Casey
  4. Drug Lord Doug Casey
  5. Assassin: Book 3 of the High Ground Novels
  6. Totally Incorrect Doug Casey
  7. Right on the Money: Doug Casey on Economics, Investing, and the Ways of the Real World with Louis James
  8. Crisis investing for the rest of the '90s Doug Casey
  9. International Investing Doug Casey
  10. Totally Incorrect Volume 2: Conversations with Doug Casey As Told to Justin Spittler
  11. Totally Incorrect: Conversations with Doug Casey, Wherein Mr. Casey's Unwillingness to Compromise the Truth Disqualifies Him from Any Hope of Membership in Polite Society
  12. Strategic investing Doug Casey

Doug Casey's quotes

We handpicked Doug Casey's best quotes for you:
"The way I see it, gold is headed over $1000 an ounce, probably much higher. At anywhere near current prices, it's the lowest risk, highest potential investment I can think of."

"Global warming hysterics generally have limited scientific knowledge, and of geology and meteorology in particular. Their belief is not science; it's more akin to religion. The main epicenter of hysteria is not the scientific community but seems to be Hollywood."

"The time will come, and probably during 2009, that the only way the U.S. will be able to fund its deficits is to create money by printing it. The Treasury will have to sell bonds, and, in the absence of foreign buyers, the Fed will have to print the money to buy them. The consequence will be runaway inflation, increasing interest rates, recession, and inevitable tax increases on all Americans."

"No one can predict whether the earth will be cooler or hotter next year, let alone do anything to change it. If you're afraid of global warming, turn off the lights when you leave the room - but don't participate in the corruption of science, don't scare our kids with unproven cataclysmic theories, and don't try to ban economic energy sources that people living on this planet depend upon today. And don't try to stop progress; it's the only hope the earth has of seeing clean industry, short of exterminating mankind."

"They've been changing the cry from "global warming" to "climate change" because there's so little evidence there's actually any warming going on. I believe that as little as a decade from now, global warming will be recognized as one of the greatest swindles in world history. It has so little scientific basis, it can only rationally be considered a political scam."

"Global warming is the most prominent form of mass hysteria raging across the world today."

"Government sponsors untold waste, criminality and inequality in every sphere of life it touches, giving little or nothing in return."

"Fear is being used by the political class as an excuse to accumulate more power and self-importance - and collect a lot more taxes to support their agenda."

"Trusting the government with money creation is like trusting a drunk with a whiskey factory."

"The thought of how far the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination."


Education: Did Doug Casey go to college?

  • Georgetown University