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The world is once more changed forever. This time, COVID-19 pandemic moved boundaries in every sphere of life, challenged every government, state, city, and individual. There are a million things to deal with, and trying to get back on track is one of them. 

The economy itself will take time in recovering, just as you should in business and personally. Embracing new situations and changes pandemic brought us, we developed on various levels and realized what characteristics are important. Now, more than ever, proficiency is a must-have for any employee.  Having trouble finding a focus and motivation after quarantine is perfectly normal, but is there anything we can do about it? We can try implementing new habits in our every-day life.


To make a daily plan of tasks, you have to know how much time do you need per assignment. The best way to estimate the passage of time is by monitoring your work for a while. Use free fools like RescueTime or Time Doctor and get insights on your time spent on social media, tasks, word processing, email, and other apps. The results might surprise you, but they will surely help you with planning and organizing your workdays.


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Taking scheduled breaks can improve concentration, and that’s a fact. No matter if those breaks are shorter or longer ones, they can help you maintain a constant level of performance. Use them to relax, read, or exercise. Maybe the favorite chapter or a good workout is the right fuel for getting your focus back.


The main idea behind the “two-minute rule” is if you have a task that can be done in two minutes or less, do it first. According to entrepreneur Steve Oleansky, this will save you time and give you the boost for the rest of the assignments. After all, things are much better when you see more accomplished tasks before noon.


Multitasking is an awesome skill, but sometimes it can cause a lack of productivity. Plus, trying to do several tasks at once and moving your focus from one thing to another will not get the job done, at least not with your full capacity. Instead of multitasking, make a habit of committing to one at the time. It will save you time and add motivation to the rest of your tasks.

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Being a perfectionist can cause wasting your time in chasing the illusion of the perfectly executed task. Reality is a bit different – nothing is perfect. Even the experts say that is more efficient to do your best in solving problems by trusting your abilities and moving on to the next assignment. After all, you can always come back and improve it later. But first, do the rest of your daily tasks, and the pressure of being late will fade away.  


Checking our emails and messages became a priority and the thing that we do every few moments. But, if we want to get the job done as soon as possible, we should turn notifications off. Focus on your tasks only, and check the phone every hour or two. 

And that is it! Except it’s not…

In case you didn’t notice, number one is missing from this list. No, it’s not a mistake it has its purpose. Why? Because, if you don’t have the last one, that is for a fact the first, everything else is pointless. 


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There are billions of quotes about visions and goals, and every single one of them is true! Setting goals and creating vision boards will help you to stay focused.Vision board doesn’t have to be a peace of art if you don’t want it to be. However, if you put an extra effort into creating it, the joy of completing your goals will be stronger. You can use photographs and quotes that inspire you and make a collage of it using some free apps or do it on your own. You don’t have to use only your photos, there are a lot of platforms and apps that allow you to use someone else’s photographs. Just make sure that all of them are suitable for printing. The best is if you store them in JPG format, or use online free converters such as JPGtoHEIC, CR2 or NEF converter to change their format. After creating your vision board, put it in your work area, or somewhere visible. Every time you’re feeling unmotivated or down, look at your vision board and that boost of energy will kick in. 

As previously mentioned, the most important thing is to work smarter and not harder. Try to implement new habits in everyday schedule and metric your productivity. Take your time if you need it, but then get back to tasks. To be successful and satisfied you have to pursue your goals, and what a better way to do it than with a few tips and tricks from successful entrepreneurs.

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