11 Celebrities Who Went To Rehab

Cigna Drug Rehab: Details and Effects

Cigna Drug Rehab: Details and Effects

Addiction is a human nature that can happen with anything, devices, mobile, Television, and even our own body. But, not all of the addictions are good. Some of them such as drug addiction can even change your lifestyle and personality forever in a way that one can not imagine. Majority of drug addicts die or keep suffering from this awful disease but some of them want to change their life and revert back the mistakes that they committed. Cigna Drug rehab is a rehabilitation center that focuses primarily on drug withdrawal and cases related to that. In this section, we will talk about the various effects and pros of the Cigna Drug Rehab Center.

Famous People Who Were Drug Addicts

Celebrities Who Were Drug Addicts

Before we continue, we will make sure that you know that even famous people suffer from addiction.

Drug addiction is a problem that affects people from all kinds of social and economical backgrounds.

So here are only 10 of many celebrities who went to rehab.

  1. Lindsay Lohan
  2. Macaulay Culkin (Famous for his role in Home Alone movies)
  3. Robert Downey Jr.
  4. Mary-Kate Olsen (Olsen twins)
  5. Charlie Sheen
  6. Elizabeth Taylor
  7. Drew Barrymore
  8. Johnny Depp
  9. Heath Ledger (the famous actor unfortunately died of drug overdose, although he tried to go to rehab)
  10. Nicole Richie
  11. Kirsten Dunst

Time period Of the Cigna Drug Rehab

The team at Cigna prefers a minimum of 90 days at the rehab center if the condition of the patient is in advanced stages. The various and doctors and staff at the Cigna Drug rehab are working 24/7 for the betterment of the patients that have now become their necessity. There are two locations where Cigna rehab is built: Arizona and in Orange County, California. They have an all-time working staff that includes various doctors, clinicians, and efficient nurses.

The rehab process is totally normal and healthy. The patients will join fellow patients if opted for the inpatient treatment programme. If the schedule can not let you join the inpatient programme, you are free to opt for the outpatient recovery programme, whichever one prefers.

Efficiency Of The Cigna Drug Rehab Treatment

The treatment is efficient in all aspects. The staff members follow their duty to the full extent because it is the last hope of survival for some of the patients. The Cigna Drug Rehab works on the following processes during their treatment programme:


Clinical Detoxification is an important process in a drug rehab center. It not only helps to remove the drug amount in the user’s body but also helps the user to fight with the various withdrawal symptoms that come as an obstacle in between. The Cigna Drug Rehab provides professional detox operation which is way better than any act of self-operation or treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

The drug intakes causes many mental conditions and illnesses in the user’s brain. The Cigna Drug Rehab provides various medical counselling, psychologists appointments, to take care of the mental and social health of the patient.

Emotional Support

At Cigna Drug rehab, the patient meets with fellow drug addicts which are also on their way to change their life forever. This gives them emotional and social support which later helps them in the long run.

Enhancing Long Term prevention

Not only during the programme, but the staff and doctors at the Cigna Drug Rehab will teach the patients about controlling and preventing drugs later on in the life so that they do not commit the same mistake again. They have classes which inform the patients about healthy lifestyle and the various cons of abusing drugs.

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