Exam Dumps: How to Ace CompTIA N10-007 Exam Easily

Ever fantasized about the ideal job role in IT? Maybe building a successful career in the technology niche? Or considered working as a help desk technician or a field service technician? Well, fantasizing is perfectly okay and it nourishes your creative thinking. But why should you dream about something that you can easily achieve with professional commitment?

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What if we told you that attaining the CompTIA certification can give you scope and that a part of its credentials (related to a Core block) demands minimal background experience? Sounds unreal, right? Well, that’s why we are here.

In this post, we break down the key details of the CompTIA Network+ 220-1002 dumps credential to help you understand how you can stop the fantasy and advance your career.

What Does the CompTIA Professional Certification Program Entail?

Grouping of the CompTIA certifications by skill sets shows a clear career track that verifies a
candidate’s knowledge as well as skills in specific IT domains. These include the CompTIA Core
badges, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, and additional professional programs.

  1. The Core certifications are the most popular category and are intended to build on the
    student’s baseline knowledge of IT concepts. Here, you will find the highly demanded
    CompTIA Network+ certification, as well as ITF+, A+, and Security+. These equip you
    with the foundational skills in the chosen domain.
  2. The Infrastructure track, on the other hand, consists of 3 popular credentials: CompTIA
    Cloud+, Server+, and Linux+. These certifications provide you with skills and knowledge
    of configuration and deployment, managing, security, troubleshooting, and some other
    skills that are needed for you to become an administrator, a support specialist, a cloud
    engineer, etc.
  3. The Cybersecurity certifications target cybersecurity professionals in which case they
    verify their ability to design and implement a wide range of security solutions. Some of
    the most popular options here include CySA+ for cybersecurity analysts, CASP+ for
    advanced security pros, and the CompTIA PenTest+.
  4. Finally, CompTIA also offers additional programs that do not fall under any of the 3
    mentioned categories. This set of credentials includes CompTIA Cloud Essentials,
    CompTIA CCT+, and CompTIA Project+.

What is the CompTIA Network+?

Since the focus of this article is the Network+ badge, let’s move to it. Naturally, Network+ is the immediate step after attaining the entry-level A+ credential. But while A+ is generally centered on the basics of IT networking, CompTIA Network+ is focused on a wide range of tasks ranging from the implementation of networks to troubleshooting, configuration, and designing. As such, it is the most befitting option for candidates who are just getting started in their IT
networking career.

Becoming CompTIA Network+ accredited lays the foundation for building a career in the networking domain with a specific focus on network configuration, troubleshooting, management, and collaboration.

Getting certified shows great professional commitment and your ability to work with functional networks. This certification is also the ace up your sleeve when you want to advance your career and serve as a network field technician, a field service technician or a network analyst.
It’s the best choice for you if you want to work in advanced IT job roles such as network administrator.

What Are the Requirements?

The most obvious step when working toward your CompTIA Network+ certification is to have some form of basic IT knowledge. And this knowledge should be focused on the networking field. So, before registering for your exam, CompTIA recommends you to have its A+ credential in addition to possessing proven work experience of between 9-12 months.

With all said and done, you’ll have to pass the CompTIA N10-007 exam to attain your certification. This is a single test that concentrates on essential credential objectives including network operations, network troubleshooting and tools, network security, network concepts and infrastructure.

CompTIA N10-007 Exam Overview

CompTIA N10-007 is a test needed to gain the Network+ certification. Its measured topics include security concepts, virtualization techniques, information about cloud computing, typical service models, networks, newer hardware, to mention a few.

The exam consists of 90 questions that should be answered in 90 minutes. To pass this test, you should gain 720 points out of 900. You can apply for this exam on the CompTIA website, and before taking it, you should pay a registration fee of $319.

Is CompTIA Network+ Certification Worth the Investment?

Absolutely yes! Plenty of networking credentials are available on the market and one of the most popular options is CompTIA Network+. But why is this so? Below, find a few benefits of the CompTIA Network+ certification.

Firstly, it broadens your networking knowledge, which is crucial for IT professionals who are willing to build a career in this field. The CompTIA Network+ certification arms you with important skills that will enable you to work with a variety of tools and products in the networking field.

Secondly, it prepares you for exciting job roles. Since CompTIA certifications are vendor-neutral, and Network+ is not an exception, you are able to work in a number of worldly recognized companies (Apple, Dell, HP. RICOH, Intel, among many), which is a great benefit. This badge equips you with skills that will help you thrive in specific IT job roles.

This badge will give your career aspirations a huge boost in your quest for esteemed IT job roles such as network field technician, network filed engineer, system engineer, help desk technician, network support specialist, IS consultant, or network analysis.

Why Choose ExamSnap Website for Exam Preparation?

As you know proper preparation for the certification exam plays a crucial role in attaining the passing score. One of the ways to prepare for your N10-007 exam is to use vendor-provided training resources. For the N10-007 exam, you should make it a mission to visit the CompTIA official website and use their resources to know what is waiting for you at the test.

Nevertheless, one of the most common mistakes many candidates make in their prep process for their certification exam is the use of only one or two training resources.

What we suggest is to enhance your skills and knowledge by opting to the optional training recourses. One of the way to do so is to use valid and reliable exam dumps. For candidates working toward their Network+ exam, ExamSnap is a great source of helpful training materials that are designed and verified by recent test-takers or experts, demanding on the type of the chosen file, free or paid respectively.

Check out the Premium Bundle for the CompTIA N10-007 exam. For $39,97 you are going to get a training course with an important study guide and a premium file with verified questions and answers for exam success. All the files on examSnap are provided in the vce format and can be opened with the help of the VCE Exam Simulator. This type of preparation gives you a chance to practice in real-exam conditions to help you get acquainted with the exam questions and structure and lower your anxiety on a certification test.


The CompTIA Network+ certification is a mark of professional excellence that amplifies your opportunities in the IT industry. If you are thinking of any baseline-level vendor-neutral networking credential to pursue in 2020, don’t look further than Network+. And to certify with ease, add training with the most actual and updated exam dumps from ExamSnap. This will help you crack N10-007 exam easily from the first attempt.

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