Companies That Embrace Cryptocurrency


With the passage of time, digital money, or cryptos, is becoming more widely discussed and understood by the common public.  Furthermore, a growing number of businesses are embracing blockchain innovation as a method of payment for products and services on a daily basis. Companies may accept many different types of virtual currencies as payment. Although not everyone does so at the moment, more than seven businesses accept bitcoin. To see the latest list of companies that accept crypto payment, visit cryptocurrency mining.

Companies That Embrace Cryptocurrency

Companies that embrace digital currency as a payment method are mentioned below:


Microsoft was among early Bitcoin users, beginning to embrace the virtual currency as legitimate payment for games, applications, and other virtual content for Windows Mobile and Xbox in the year 2014. In 2014, BTC was still mostly unfamiliar, and most of the individuals who were aware of it learned regarding it for bad purposes. It is marked as the year of excitement and controversy, with the world’s biggest Cryptocurrency exchange, Mt. Gox, declaring bankruptcy following a series of scams, hacks, and events that resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Cryptocurrencies. A pub in Manhattan embraced Bitcoin as payment at the time, as did a few cab companies and cafes, but there were very few other big businesses to speak of – other than these two.

Whole Foods

A digital currency dam burst in May 2018 when Flexa, a financial firm, partnered with Gemini, a virtual currency corporation operated by the Facebook known Winklevoss brothers. The infrastructure developed by the collaboration enabled major shops to integrate Flexa into the smart scanners they regularly used to take phone-based transactions via Apple Pay and some other electronic wallets.  For smooth purchases, the system immediately turned Cryptocurrencies into U.S dollars. Whole Foods was among the first large stores to use the technology. Amazon owns Whole Foods; however, Amazon doesn’t yet recognize Bitcoin for transactions made via the world’s biggest online store.

Surf Air

It’s among the airline companies which embrace Cryptocurrency. Passengers will be allowed to use them to conduct a variety of activities, such as canceling a trip or submitting a monthly subscription fee. This final option enables people who subscribe to it to travel as much as they desire.


Twitch is perhaps the most popular streaming video network which millions of subscribers. Twitch, just like the above-mentioned Whole Foods, is controlled by Amazon. It, too, takes cryptocurrencies — not only Bitcoin, just like Whole Foods does. Customers may pay with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether, and lesser-known currencies such as Litecoin and Ripple. Twitch was an early adopter of Cryptocurrency, introducing it as a method of payment in mid-2014. That, unfortunately, came to an end in late 2019 when Twitch suddenly discontinued its Cryptocurrency operation. On the other hand, Twitch restored that functionality in June 2020, much to the joy of its crypto-savvy customers.

Home Depot

Home Depot is also utilizing the famous Winklevoss/Flexa technology, which enabled Whole Foods to embrace Bitcoin using its existing smart scanners without buying or investing in equipment. Retailers must produce balance statements in dollars regardless of the type of payment they take, which has long been a major stumbling barrier for businesses who want to embrace Bitcoin but don’t understand how. Flexa instantly changes Bitcoin to USD, giving all participants what they desire. When the customer spends their Bitcoins on paints as well as Ryobi equipment, Home Depot receives what they need in return: green dollars.


Newegg, the digital electronics retailer, now takes Bitcoin. Unlike many of the other companies, Newegg does not force you to convert Cryptocurrency to cash via an application or third-party platform. If you’re purchasing from a computer, all you have to do is select “Pay Using Bitcoin” and then jump to the next shipping process. When customers use their smartphones to make transactions, Newegg will give them a Barcode to scan. Newegg also offers crypto-mining starting equipment for anyone wanting to get started extracting Cryptocurrencies on their own.

Benfica: A Football Club

Acceptance of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency has also knocked on the door of the sports sector, particularly football. Benfica, a Portuguese football club, is a well-known sports club located in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city. For match tickets and souvenirs, the organization takes Bitcoin.

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