Brandon Stanton's Net Worth (2020), Wiki and More Facts

Occupation: Photographer, Author and Blogger

Find out how much money the man behind "Humans Of New York" makes and how much money he has!
Stay on this page to discover many other interesting facts about Brandon Stanton (HONY) and his wife.

Brandon Stanton Net Worth

Brandon Stanton's net worth:

12,500,000 USD

Earnings: How does Brandon Stanton make his money and how much he makes?

When you have such a big audience as Brandon has, you can monetize it in many different ways, but this guy is not here just because of money! So there is a lot of unused potential when it comes to making money of "Humans of New York".

In an AMA Reddit interview, Brandon told that he earns money through collaborations, speeches, magazine pieces and book deals. One of these collaborations was probably his visit to Oval office, where he photographed President Obama.

He also told that he lives modestly, but later he bough a $2.45 million duplex in NYC.

It is also interesting to mention that Brandon has HONY accounts only on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and that he didn't create YouTube or Google+ account, although he produces video content called "Humans of New York: The Series".
That means that he probably has some exclusive deal with Facebook.

Brandon Stanton's net worth over the years

Year Net worth
2020 12,500,000
2019 $11,000,000
2018 $9,500,000
2017 $8,000,000
2016 $6,500,000

Books by Brandon Stanton, the author of "Humans Of New York"

Brandon Stanton (Humans Of New York) Books On Amazon Popular photographer published a few books that you can get on Amazon. The books include photos and stories that he collected on streets of New York and some other cities.
His book "Humans of New York" was #1 New York Times bestselling book!

Here is the full list of his books:

What is his nickname?

Brandon Stanton's nickname is Brandon HONY.

Age: How old is Brandon Stanton? Where was he born?

He was born in Marietta, Georgia (USA) on March 14, 1984.
Nationality: American
Sign of the Zodiac: Pisces

Is Brandon Stanton married? Does he have a wife?

Brandon Stanton been happily married to Erin O'Sullivan since 2017.
They live in New York, near Empire State building.

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Family: Does Brandon Stanton have any kids, brothers or sisters?

The famous photographer doesn't have kids yet.
It is not known whether he has siblings or not.

Brandon Stanton's house photos

Brandon Stanton's House Photos Brandon lives with his wife in New York, in a duplex that they bought in 2016 for $2.45 million!

Brandon Stanton's phone number, email and address

Lots of people search for Brandon's phone number, email and home address on Google each month, but only his email address is available to public and it is:

Although we don't know exact address of his home, it is known that it is located in West Chelsea, New York.

Brandon Stanton's height and weight

Let's find out how tall Brandon Stanton is and how much he weighs.
  • Height: 185 cm / 6 ft 1 in
  • Weight: 80 kg / 176.37 lbs
Brandon Stanton, photographer behind Humans of New York

Brandon Stanton's "Humans Of New York" on social media

You can find more information about Stanton on his Wikipedia page and on his official website.

Education: Did Brandon Stanton go to college?

B. Stanton graduated in 2010 from University of Georgia with a degree in History.

Brandon Stanton's Quotes

Brandon Stanton on why he thinks his work resonates with so much people:

I think we tend to empathize with people's problems more than we empathize with their successes.