How to Use Instagram Stories to Grow Your E-mail List

Instagram is the most used social media platform with over billions of users. This increased number of users has encouraged businesses to take up a position on Instagram in order to expand their business. This is possible by pitching the business to a wide audience base to generate more profits. So, if you want to expand your business and up the Instagram game, you can start off by growing the email list. If you want to have a look at some strategies to use Instagram stories to grow the email list, this section for you!

How to use Instagram stories to grow your e-mail list

Swipe-up The Business

If you have an Instagram presence and you have a good following, you must have seen the “swipe-up” option in the stories where people would ask you to see more of something by swiping up on the page. When you swipe up, you will be directed to the URL. This option sounds a bit easier but believe us it’s not and proper strategies are needed. For instance, with the change in an Instagram update, only business accounts with over 10,000 followers can use the swipe-up feature. But if this option sin tight for you, we have mentioned other ways as well, so keep on reading!

Direct Viewers To The Link

Instagram does not allow its users to add a link in the posts and if you want to make sure that people are directed to the link you want them to, add a link to the website in your bio. However, as we are talking about the stories feature of Instagram, you can add a catchy call-to-action statement in your stories and ask the followers to go to the profile, and click on the given link.

Ask Them To Send A Direct Message (DM)

If you do not have the swipe-up feature, this strategy will work perfectly for you. So, this strategy works like this; you made a story on your feed and ask the followers to get more information on the DM. For example, if you are running a business, you can add the pictures of the products and services and talk about it in the caption and Buy Instagram Followers to gain engagement. For prices and other details, you can ask your followers to send in the DM as other questions and queries will be answered there. You can also direct them to some website and increase the website traffic.

Use URLs In The Stories

Text URLs are small clickable links which you can add to your stories and ask the followers to click on them and land to some website. You can ask the followers to get more information by clicking on the text URL or you may even provide a discount as well. Many Best Instagram Bot that helps to schedule posts and stories , Other than these, we have also added some other tips to help you out!

  • If your customers like your products and services, they are highly likely to leave a feedback, so, you can post those testimonials and feedback on the stories to attract the followers
  • When possible, add some discounts and deals
  • People turn to you for the solutions so, give them the solution rather than just selling the product

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