How to Communicate With Spirits Using Tarot Cards

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Did you know that you could communicate with spirits using tarot cards? The reason being, that these help to activate your intuitions and you can then become receptive to messages from spirits or ghosts. But, at the same time, tarot card communications are risky and you must remember never to let the spirits enter your mind. You have to make sure that you tell the spirit only to lead you to the right cards, and remind it that you hold the power to close the session when you deem fit. Get more info here about the free love tarot reading to get your life back on track.

Using Tarot Cards to Communicate With Spirits

There are different methods for reading tarot to communicate with spirit guides, spirits, ancestors and even gods. For this, however you need intention and proper focus right from start to finish. It is important to have some protection when you talk to a spirit; you can then raise the vibration and ground yourself later on. Before starting the session, you need an area which you feel comfortable in and where you can spend time for the reading uninterrupted.

  • To prepare the session you need to decide where you wish to do the reading, whom you wish to contact, whether it is a loved one or ancestor or deity, what you will use to document this reading, which deck and spread you will use, etc. After deciding all of this, you need to remember who you wish to reach out to.
  • For protection during reading, you can choose from multiple ways, depending on whichever method you are more comfortable with. For instance, you can resort to prayers and call upon your protector spirit guides or angles for protection. You can use crystals like smoky quartz, black tourmaline and black kyanite as protection by either wearing or carrying them, or placing them near the reading area. You must be able to create a mental boundary around yourself that you can visualize for your protection. Finally, you can even cast a circle physically or mentally for protecting yourself.
  • The next step is to raise the vibration. Mediumship refers to the communication between spirits and people whereby they meet at a place in between the spirit and real worlds. Spirits will vibrate at high energies compared to the physical world. So, we need to raise our vibrations while the spirits must lower theirs in order to meet.
  • To perform the reading, you have to hold onto the tarot deck and think hard of the spirit you wish to make contact with. You should hold his name firmly inside your mind, providing it with more energy; writing down the name can help you focus better. You can shuffle the cards to focus more on this person you wish to reach out to. When you have selected a spread, thinking of it helps; you can explain what this is to the spirit and how you wish to be helped. Once you have shuffled, you can cut the deck, and start reading after laying down the chosen cards.
  • Once you have completed the reading, you must close it and thank the spirit to show appreciation for his help.
  • You can then using grounding techniques to get yourself back to the earth; this is done to make vibrations stable and get rid of any excess energy.
  • Finally, you must close the reading; if you had called angles for protection, now is the time to thank them. When you have created a boundary for protection, you need to draw energy back to yourself.

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